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Hey Kids! Let’s talk about a super cool book called “Messy Messages from Millionaires.” It’s like a treasure map for anyone who wants to start their own business or make big dreams come true.

Imagine you’re on a ship sailing across wild oceans. That’s what starting a business is like. Sometimes you find treasure, and sometimes you run into big storms. This book is full of stories from over 50 people who have been captains of their own ships in the business world. They’ve had big wins and tough times, but they kept sailing no matter what.

First, let me tell you about Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and Michael Fomkin. These guys are like superheroes in the business world. They’ve had some tough times, but they never gave up. They kept fighting and made their dreams come true.

Katie Weldon‘s story is super cool too. She was tired and needed a change, so she reinvented herself and her brand. Her story shows us that we can always start fresh and make big changes in our lives and help others do the same.

Then there’s Benjamin Lee, a tech genius. Ben’s story teaches us that in the world of technology, you have to keep learning new things all the time. Just like in a video game, you can’t just stay in one place. You’ve got to keep moving and growing.

Yun Rhee is another amazing person. She believes that everyone has special talents and superpowers. Sometimes, we hide these because we want to fit in, but Yun’s story encourages us to be our true selves and share our unique gifts with the world.

Joel Yi is a master of money and investing. His adventure shows us how you can change old ways of doing things by thinking differently and being smart with money. He’s like a guide who teaches us how to be wise with our cash.

And let’s not forget about Mitch Russo. Mitch had some rough times, but he bounced back stronger. His story is all about getting back up when you fall down and learning from your mistakes.

All these stories together are like a big puzzle. Each one is different, but they all teach us about being brave, creative, and never giving up. “Messy Messages from Millionaires” isn’t just about making money; it’s a guidebook, a friend, and a coach for anyone who wants to follow their dreams.

This book is super special because it’s real. It talks about the hard stuff like stress and feeling alone, but also about the awesome feeling of making your dreams come true. It’s not just about the finish line but about the whole race, with all its ups and downs.

So, to all the future business leaders, like Kevin, Michael, Katie, Ben, Yun, Joel, and Mitch, remember: the path to success is full of twists and turns, but that’s what makes the adventure so exciting. “Messy Messages from Millionaires” is a must-read for anyone who wants to dream big and isn’t afraid of a little mess on the way to making those dreams come true. Keep dreaming and keep sailing, kids!


Kevin Harrington
Katie Weldon
Benjamin Lee
Yun Rhee
Joel Yi
Mitch Russo

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