VIP IGNITE: Guiding Talent On How to Cultivate Genuine Relationships With Industry Professionals

Your First Experience

As A Talent

Should Be Memorable And Satisfying

(This Applies Even If You Have Experience!)

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Who Is VIP Ignite?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Us And Everyone Else?

Talent Framework

The 3 Ps

Inner Circle

VIP Ignite Is A Platform For All Levels Of Experience

The Purpose of VIP Ignite Is Simple…

To create the framework for both new and experienced talent to connect with only the top industry influencers and professionals.

VIP Ignite Provides You With The Framework To Gain Proof, Proximity And Authority (Power)

VIP Ignite Gives You The Opportunities You Need To Accelerate And Amplify Your Career. Through a multi-day online audition process, we hand-select the best talent to have the opportunity to sit down side by side with experts from all aspects of the entertainment industry who will give you new insights that you can start applying immediately. It’s unlike anything you’ll experience anywhere!

Generate Connections

Success in the entertainment industry, no matter your level of experience, is all about who you know…and who knows you. Your Network = Your Net Worth The biggest obstacle for talent is creating connections that last. Our goal is to show you the only way to be successful in the entertainment industry is by surrounding yourself with the right people. That’s what VIP Ignite does best!

Build Your Platform

In the entertainment industry, you need to sharpen your skills, create your blueprint, and have a clear vision of where you are…and where you want to go: A Talent Roadmap. There ARE PATTERNS (frameworks / models / etc.) that cause success. There are two choices: Learn these patterns through someone with experience who knows what they’re doing…or learn them on your own through painful trial and error that hurts your time and wallet…

Giving Back To The Community (2)

Giving Back To The Community

VIP Ignite believes in always giving back to the community. Some of the organizations we support are Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R).   (O.U.R.) has made a significant impact in the fight to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by assisting in rescuing and supporting thousands of survivors in 30 countries and 50 U.S. states. In addition, VIP IGNITE supports a variety of organizations in helping to eradicate homelessness.

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