Unlocking Success: The Power of Improv and Networking

Alycia Kaback, founder and CEO of talent development company VIP Ignite Live, recently appeared as a guest on the Get Down To Business with Kevin Harrington. Kevin Harrington, one of the original “sharks” on Shark Tank, hosts this popular business show on Fox Business Netork where he interviews entrepreneurs about their unique journeys and insights.

Today, I had the incredible opportunity to tape a segment for a future broadcast on the Fox Business Network, sharing my entrepreneurial journey on “Get Down To Business” with Kevin Harrington. As the founder and CEO of VIP Ignite Live, my goal during the interview was to inspire other entrepreneurs with my story, reflecting on the various challenges and triumphs I’ve experienced.

My passion for the entertainment industry sparked at a very young age, and after college, I moved to New York City to immerse myself in this dynamic world. It was there that I observed the struggles my friends and peers faced in the industry, which led me to devise a solution to help aspiring talents find real opportunities.

In 2016, I founded VIP Ignite Live with the mission to bridge the gap between aspiring models, actors, musicians, and major brands in the entertainment industry.

Our focus was on developing talent, giving them direct access to gigs, and providing them with much-needed exposure. We started with local events in the Northeast, leveraging my connections to collaborate with major beauty brands. The success of these events confirmed the potential of VIP Ignite Live.

As the company grew, we expanded our reach to major cities and added educational workshops to our roster. Our social media presence skyrocketed as talents shared their success stories, attracting even more opportunities from brands.

Of course, this journey wasn’t without its challenges. In the early days, I struggled with imposter syndrome and financial constraints, as I bootstrapped the business. Yet, with perseverance, problem-solving skills, and support from mentors and my cofounder, I overcame these hurdles.

Throughout my interview with Kevin Harrington, I emphasized the importance of solving real problems, delivering value, leveraging connections, and persisting through challenges. I shared advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, stressing the need for personal experience with the problem space, tapping into existing networks, starting small, and being resilient and adaptable.

Concluding the interview, I reflected on how my journey with VIP Ignite Live illustrates the power of entrepreneurship to create value by addressing real issues and adapting to challenges. My story serves as a testament to the fact that with strategic thinking, grit, and persistence, big industry dreams can indeed become a reality.

Stay tuned to future posts and announcements for dates and times of the episodes airing!


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