Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Do I have to pay for training?
Absolutely not! As a successful company for 10+ years, one of our core values is to give back and help both new and experienced talent. Our online training is free and open to anyone to join. It is available both live and on-demand.
What is the interview process?
During the interview process, which is called a final interview, we will make a final decision whether or not we are the right match for each other. If there is something that can be corrected (fix your smile, lose weight, etc.) we will give you up to one year to have the issue fixed.
How do I apply?
Step 1 is to attend an online training and discovery webinar to learn a little more about us. Step 2 is an online application and actual live audition done via the web. During Step 3 we will make a final decision whether or not we are the right match for each other.
Do I need to travel?
Unlike other companies that require travel, we believe in the use of technology and that having the right connections means that you can live anywhere in the world and not have to live in a major market to be successful.
What if I’m brand new?
Everyone has to start somewhere. In our experience, we find that talent who have been doing this for 20+ years are no different than talent who are just starting out as long as they follow the Talent Framework and have a clear vision of success
Do I need a parent to attend if I’m under 18?
Our interviews and events are live interactive experiences, and for the safety of all those involved, a parent must participate in the entire process from attending the webinar to being a part of the interview process. Any talent under 18 without parental support will be rejected.
How long are your contracts?
Our company does not believe in long-term contracts. Our success and your success is all that matters. We believe if we are successful together you will choose to stay with us forever. If you ever decide that you have outgrown us, we have done an outstanding job.
Do I need professional photos or training to start?
Absolutely not! We are quite aware of the various unscrupulous companies that take advantage of new talent, and how to avoid those pitfalls and traps is an educational and eye-opening part of our online training that we offer free to anyone.
What if I’m SAG/AFTRA and have experience?
First of all, congratulations…that is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud! Our company actually accelerates and amplifies the success of those who already have experience in all areas of entertainment, from modeling, acting, music and beyond…so you are in the right place.
How do I know if this will work for me?
The only way to know anything in life is to experience it yourself, which is why we have a free online orientation and discovery program…so you can make an educated decision if being a model, actor or musician is a good career decision for you at this time in your life.