Unlocking Success: The Power of Improv and Networking

Success is never accidental. It’s a blend of the right mindset, actionable strategies, and, above all, investment—in skills, relationships, and self. Our latest episode of the VIP Ignite Live Podcast captures this synergy perfectly. We were honored to host Joel Yi, one of the world’s leading high-ticket sales experts with a portfolio boasting more than $25 million in revenue for Dan Lok Companies and $5 million for other clients. His incredible journey from extreme poverty in Malaysia to managing teams of up to 110 sales professionals offers essential lessons for anyone striving for success, particularly actors, models, and musicians.

A Mindset Shift Can Change Your Life

At the core of Joel’s story is a transformational shift in mindset. For actors, models, and musicians affiliated with VIP Ignite or Truth Mgmt, his message rings exceptionally true. In an industry teeming with fierce competition, it’s easy to fall prey to a scarcity mindset. But as Joel showed us, your mindset can either be your prison or your passport to success. Joel didn’t let his challenging beginnings in Malaysia define him. Instead, he altered his mindset to open up avenues of incredible opportunities and wealth. And he’s convinced that you can do the same.

The First Step: Be of Service, Add Value

Joel introduced us to the idea that the first step toward any kind of success is to offer to be of service and add value. It may sound counterintuitive, especially for artists and creatives like actors, models, and musicians, who often think that it’s their unique skills that need to be front and center. However, it’s the willingness to serve and add value that will ultimately set you apart. Joel explains that this is a universal truth across industries—from high-ticket sales to entertainment. Before you can be a star on the screen or the stage, you need to understand how you can be of service to others in your ecosystem.

The Non-Negotiable: Investing in Yourself

Here’s where many stumble. Investing in yourself is often easier said than done, especially when the return on investment isn’t instantly visible. It takes time and often, financial resources. But as Joel emphasized, the investment you put into yourself—be it for acquiring a new skill, hiring a coach, or building a network—is never wasted. His recommendation for actors, models, and musicians is clear: Treat yourself as the most important investment you’ll ever make. You can’t expect anyone else to invest in you if you aren’t willing to do so first.

The Power of Masterminds

One specific form of investment Joel highly recommends is joining a mastermind—a group of motivated individuals focused on mutual growth and success. He likens this to an exclusive golf membership. In golf clubs, high-powered CEOs and industry leaders come together in a relaxed environment to enjoy a game, but what happens off the course is networking magic. When the right people help each other, share resources, and pool their knowledge, success isn’t just individual—it’s collective. In a way, that’s what VIP Ignite aims to be for actors, models, and musicians—a mastermind of creative talents committed to lifting each other to new heights.

The Unseen Benefits: Networking and Deals

We also touched upon the emotional and mental stamina required to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of the entertainment industry. Rejection is part of the job, but how you handle that rejection can define your career. Bobby’s candid sharing of his ups and downs, highs and lows, provided a 360-degree view of what it takes to sustain and grow in this industry.

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