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You Grow Your Career?


VIP Ignite hosts FREE weekly auditions online that anyone interested in starting a career in the entertainment industry can attend. These sessions run for about 2 hours each.

Before we start the audition, we always preface it with a training workshop to help newcomers to the industry acclimate to the Do’s and the Don’ts of developing a career as a model or actor.

During the workshop training, you’ll discover how actors, models, and musicians (like you) are building careers in the entertainment industry through online networking in the digital age!

  How do you become the person an agency wants to sign or the person casting wants to book

  How to have casting directors, agents, managers and even record labels banging down your door…

  Create a raving fan base on social media without spending hours trying to get followers…


VIP Ignite hosts FREE networking events online, twice a month! We call this series of events, The VIP Ignite Summit Series. Again, anyone interested in starting a career in the entertainment industry can attend.


During these 8 hour events, we host special guest speakers who are active entertainment industry insiders such as actors, models, musicians, directors, scouts, casting agents, and more to share a keynote of insight with attendees.


In between speaker keynotes, you’ll get the chance to network with the speakers, hosts, and attendees. So this is a golden opportunity to get your feet wet in the industry and create a foundation for your new career!

Each event, we cover different topics such as…

  Starting your career in the entertainment industry…

  Social media domination…

  Creating connections and networking secrets…

  Analyzing movie scripts and acting techniques…

  And more!


Get access to THE VAULT of private recorded coaching calls on a weekly basis. Ask them the questions you want answered to bring your career to the next level. Network with them and gain connections in the industry to potentially find your next jobs!


In addition to the above info, get access to transcripts of the calls to make it easier to consume the content, a search app within the membership site to find keywords from the transcripts to get straight to the content that applies to you the most, and homework questions to take action on the teachings of each of the coaching calls!

Training includes access to individuals who have helped launch the careers of just some of the following:

Heath Ledger

50 Cent

Chris Pine

Joaquin Phoenix

Ryan Gosling

Lady Gaga

Our coaches’ resumes include such notable projects as:

Les Miserables on Broadwayr

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Irishman

The Phantom of the Opera

The Godfather of Harlem

The Joker

Orange is the New Black


Pulp Fiction


The Wolf of Wall Street

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Face of Tom Ford


The Godfather

​ ​The Cher Show

​Law and Order


Dora The Explorer


Talent who are approved through our audition process and choose to move forward with our services will find management with our mother agency: Truth MGMT.

TRUTH MGMT was founded by VIP Ignite during the quarantine sitting on ZOOM calls hashing out a better way for talent to be placed in the industry…

It was during this time our team recognized that the new world we were all living in needed a new direction for the industry to survive. We wanted to be 100% independent of the old systems the entertainment industry depended upon.
Our goal is to act strategically, working with like-minded brands and only quality clients. It is our aim to protect and nurture the careers of our #fearless rebels who we feel are important to Fashion and Culture.
If you are interested in being represented by TRUTH MGMT as a model or actor, get started by attending one of our online networking summits!


Talent who choose to move forward with being represented by TRUTH MGMT have a chance to be featured in our magazine: New Garde.

When going to your first few auditions, get an unfair advantage by sharing your first magazine spread with New Garde to increase your chances of getting casted and getting gigs.

Not only does this feature give you a leg up against others who are just starting out, but our magazine will be featuring your unique story to share content for minority representation, a different perspective, and new beauty standards that is truly needed in the entertainment industry.


If you are interested in being featured in New Garde Magazine as a model or actor, get started by attending one of our online networking summits!


Talent who are approved through our audition process will kickstart their career with a media appearance on our #1 rated podcast. Have your story heard by some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry today. You’ll get proximity, proof, and power to influencers, mover and shakers as past guests include some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Our guests have worked with and been part of such projects as Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, The Emmys, The Tonys, The Grammys, America’s Next Top Model and have worked with celebrities such as The Roots, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, JJ Abrams, the writer and producer of The Transformers and the X-Men and thousands more.

If you are interested in being featured on Coffee in the Green Room or Hollywood Mindset TV as a model or actor, get started by attending one of our online networking summits!

Get started by jumping on a free online training that will help you utilize the three P’s and ACCELERATE your career on the fast track to success.