Founded in 2016 VIP Ignite, our vision is to empower 10,000 models, actors, and musicians with the best opportunities with global brands such as HBO, Disney, Vogue, and Netflix by giving them access to the top industry executives in tv, film, fashion, and theater.

In addition, our company helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and CEOs find the celebrity inside all of us by placing people in experiences that help them grow their brands, market share, and audience. If you’d like to have the opportunity to work with legitimate people in tv, film, fashion, and theater…the type of people who can snap their fingers in 30 seconds or less and change your life… then you are in the right place!

Mike Fomkin

Michael Fomkin

For almost two decades Michael has dedicated his life to helping models, actors and musicians connect with the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. He is the author of the new book that will be released next year “Elevate Your Message: The Hollywood Framework to Unstoppable Offers!” 

Michael has spoken from the same stages as such notables as Russell Brunson, Greg Reid, Tony Robbins, Bill Walsh and has done over 50 million dollars speaking from both live and virtual stages. He has won multiple 2 Comma Club awards and is a part of Russel Brunson’s Inner Circle, a Tony Robbins Platinum partner and a founding member of Bill Walsh’s 9 Figure Mastermind. Having invested over a million dollars in education and leadership, he will be continuing his education by getting a degree in system dynamics at MIT. As a Broadway investor he has won over 38 awards including 6 Tony’s and in 2013 won the Tony for best play.  

He is also the founder of Truth Mgmt the fastest growing talent management firm in the USA with the placement of talent in a range of tv, films, and fashion shows around the world and in the USA and had recently launched a training program and agency for representing individuals with a message who want to speak from stages and learn how to have 6 and 7 figure days…

He is considered one of the top experts in helping Talent, CEOs, and even entrepreneur’s in creating powerful brands and launching the celebrity inside themselves. His company has been featured in dozens of magazines including Forbes Entrepreneur magazine Huffington Post and MSNBC, and CBS Digital in NYC. 

His company has donated and helped free over 3500 kids from sex trafficking worldwide in partnership with Operation Underground Railroad and has helped with the cause in multiple cities in eradicating homelessness! His hobbies include a deep-rooted love of baseball and the math game MTG.

Alycia Kaback

Alycia Kaback

Co-Founder of VIP Ignite which allows talent to network and connect with high-level industry professionals in modeling, acting, and music. Alycia has also executive produced 5 broadway shows that have won 38 awards including 6 TONY awards. She had a successful radio show on CBS Digital in NYC. Opened NASDAQ with the cast of her Broadway Show “Dinner with the Boys: starring Dan Lauria from the Wonder Years.

Alycia is also a Guinness World Record Holder and the Co-Author of Finding Fame.

MC’d the Israel Film Festival with the Prime Minister of Israel in the audience and has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur Magazine. She has shared the stage with such greats as Bill Walsh, Greg Reid, Russell Brunson, Leigh Steinberg, and Brandon Steiner.
Alycia will be releasing her new book in Q4 2023 Unglamorous Glamorous Life and has just wrapped her First Movie “TARGET” which is currently in post-production and is about to start filming Night of the Living Dead 2.

Some other accolades include…
Fox News Music Expert.
Splits her time between Orlando, NYC, and Los Angeles
Over 10,000 successful talent have gotten signed and booked work thru VIP IGNITE
Over 4000 live presentations
4 years running 2 Comma Club Winner

In her downtime, Alycia spends time with her family and son in sunny Florida and is also a real estate investor and avid amateur chef.

Deneen White

Deneen White

Deneen grew up in the greater Philadelphia area and graduated from Temple University with a BA in English. She helped to build 2 seven-figure businesses and is the winner of the Two Comma Club Award. Deneen has a book entitled Circle of Focus: Transform Your Life coming out in Quarter 3 of 2023 and has shared the stage with Bill Walsh, Leigh Steinberg, Greg Reid, and multiple Tony and Academy Award winners.

Deneen is also the host of a global podcast host with over 300K downloads and has interviewed notables such as 50 Cents’ Acting Coach, the man who discovered Lady Gaga, Bob Leone, and notables such as Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Keith Shocklee, one of the founding members of Public Enemy. Her charitable work includes supporting Operation Underground Railroad. In the past year, Deneen has played a pivotal role in partnering with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson to free over 3500 women and children from sex trafficking. In her downtime, Deneen can be found throughout the United States creating photographic art of nature.

Deborah Benner-Davis

Deborah Benner-Davis

Debbie Davis is currently and proudly the Agency Services Director at VIP IGNITE and started her journey with VIP in April of 2015. She started her music career at the age of six with piano lessons. Debbie continued to expand her musical skills in various instruments, including clarinet, saxophone, guitar, choir, autoharp, and handbells.

She majored in music and psychology in college and then furthered her accomplishments by acquiring a graduate degree in creative arts therapy and served as a music therapist, instructor, and director for music schools, her church, and her own studio for over 25 years.

She specialized in working with special needs children and adults and children under the age of four. Debbie has also worked in the hospitality industry over the years, including working for Marriott as a manager. Her skill set of empathy, problem-solving, and listening makes her uniquely qualified to be a talent liaison for VIP IGNITE. She is currently working on a series of books and music albums for children. In her downtime, Debbie spends her time with her husband Wayne and their daughter Casey traveling and loving life.

Jerome Cabilao

Jerome Cabilao

Jerome Cabilao is the Chief Technology Officer of VIP Ignite. Jerome is a renowned expert in website design and social media management. When he isn’t pushing the latest in technology for our company or writing and creating engaging impactful content. Jerome enjoys road trips, spending time with his family (wife, two kids and #3 on the way in 2022) and is an avid gamer. Fun Fact: He recently conquered his fear of deep water by scuba diving.

Being a part of VIP Ignite, Jerome knows that what he does behind the scenes helps the team do something he’s always hoped to do… change people’s lives by helping them achieve their dream of being an actor, model or musician by educating them… and in turn, it has helped him to own his own home and car, which is an amazing and difficult accomplishment when you live in the Philippines.