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In the latest episode of Vision Craft’s Coffee In The Greenroom, hosted by the dynamic Michael Fomkin, listeners are treated to an insightful conversation with visionary entrepreneur Mike Calhoun. This episode is a goldmine of wisdom for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing deep insights into entrepreneurial growth, effective branding, and leadership.

Setting the Stage

Michael Fomkin kicks off the podcast by introducing Mike Calhoun, highlighting his extensive experience as the founder and CEO of Board of Advisors. Fomkin describes Calhoun as a visionary and a mentor, whose ability to build and position brands is unparalleled. This sets the tone for a conversation that is not only inspiring but also packed with actionable advice.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur

Calhoun begins by sharing his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing that success is not an overnight phenomenon but an evolution over time. He talks about the importance of being a diligent worker and finding passion in every endeavor. For him, the journey is about making small, good decisions consistently, which eventually lead to significant accomplishments.

Calhoun’s philosophy aligns perfectly with the core principles of VisionCraft, a company co-founded by Michael Fomkin and Alycia Kaback. VisionCraft focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners tell their stories compellingly through the VisionCraft Course, which offers comprehensive training in video storytelling.

The Importance of Value in Relationships

A key theme in this episode is the importance of bringing value to relationships. Calhoun and Fomkin discuss how leading from the heart and consistently providing value can open doors and foster meaningful connections. This is especially relevant for entrepreneurs who are often in positions where they need to build networks and partnerships.

Calhoun shares anecdotes about his own experiences, illustrating how identifying and nurturing value in others has been a cornerstone of his success. This aligns with VisionCraft’s mission to empower entrepreneurs by helping them craft their personal and business narratives in a way that highlights their unique value propositions.

Vision Craft, The Coffee In The Greenroom Podcast, Mike Calhoun, Michael Fomkin

Entrepreneurial Advice from a Visionary

One of the most valuable segments of the podcast is Calhoun’s advice for entrepreneurs. He talks about the importance of focusing on what is most meaningful and developing a clear vision for the future. This is particularly important for business owners who have gained some experience and are looking to scale their operations.

Calhoun emphasizes the need to look at one’s relationships and experiences to develop an authentic vision. He advises entrepreneurs to align their efforts with their natural talents and to get rid of distractions that dilute their focus. This strategic approach is a testament to why Board of Advisors, under Calhoun’s leadership, has become such a respected entity in the entrepreneurial community.

Branding Insights

Branding is another crucial topic covered in this episode. Calhoun shares his insights on how to create a brand that sticks—much like the tip of a spear. He discusses the importance of deliberate branding efforts, stripping away unnecessary elements to enhance focus and performance. This approach resonates with the methodologies taught in the VisionCraft Course, which emphasizes the power of storytelling in building strong, memorable brands.

Calhoun’s analogy of branding as a spear that needs to stick is particularly poignant. He explains that a well-crafted brand should immediately resonate with its audience, creating an indelible impression. This is a key takeaway for any entrepreneur looking to establish a strong market presence.

Creating Impactful Events

Fomkin and Calhoun also delve into the art of creating impactful events. Calhoun talks about his experience with Board of Advisors, where he brings together high-level entrepreneurs and business leaders. These events are designed to inspire and generate positive reactions, providing a platform for meaningful collaborations.

This approach to event creation mirrors the VisionCraft ethos of bringing people together to share their stories and create impactful connections. Whether it’s through the VisionCraft Course or the various networking opportunities facilitated by VisionCraft, the goal is to foster an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive.

Vision Craft, The Coffee In The Greenroom Podcast, Mike Calhoun, Michael Fomkin

Becoming a Valuable Presence

A significant part of the discussion revolves around the idea of becoming a valuable presence rather than just chasing opportunities. Calhoun shares how entrepreneurs can transition from being seekers to becoming the stage themselves by investing in their own growth and consistently providing value to others.

He emphasizes that value is built over time through experience and genuine investment in relationships. This perspective is invaluable for business owners who are looking to elevate their influence and impact in their respective industries.


The podcast concludes with Calhoun providing practical advice on how listeners can connect with him and Board of Advisors. He encourages entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and focus on building value in every interaction.

This episode of Vision Craft’s Coffee In The Greenroom is a must-listen for anyone involved in entrepreneurship. With insights from industry leaders like Michael Fomkin, Alycia Kaback, and Mike Calhoun, it provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, the lessons from this episode will undoubtedly help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to the full episode to dive deeper into the strategies and insights shared by Mike Calhoun and Michael Fomkin, and discover how VisionCraft is helping entrepreneurs shape their future.

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