Growing up, model Cyd Sana Rasool knew that she had a gift inside of her that had to be shared with the world. She knew that she wanted to impact humanity in a positive way, and she never gave up on that dream.

As life would have it, she found herself working in the transportation industry for 35 years. Yes, she was impacting the people with whom she came into contact, but it just wasn’t enough. As she nears retirement, she made the decision to reinvent herself.

A lot of doubts crossed her mind…can I really start a new job as a model at 60+ years old? How do I even get started? Cyd did some research and found an opportunity with VIP Ignite.

Cyd signed with VIP Ignite and Truth Management and within two weeks was networking with industry insiders as well as having photos taken by two of the hottest photographers in NYC.

Cyd understands that planning and goals are necessary, but that people who take massive action get massive results. That is just what Cyd did when she arrived in NYC. In New York City at her first professional photoshoot with VIP Ignite, Cyd had her first AHA moment. She had to prepare herself quickly to show up and stepped out on faith and pushed through her comfort zone.