Fame. Everyone thinks about it at least once in their life time, then there are the ones that think about it everyday.

There is a lot that comes with fame and most of the time one of those things are fortune. Some are scared to admit to friends and family their desire to be famous or may feel embarrassed by the thoughts and opinions. But just think about it, the idea of being famous does have a great appeal.

Fame is found to be deeply attractive worldwide. The fantasies are like a dream come true.

Wherever you go your good reputation will follow, people often think well or highly of you, because your excellence have been impressively.

You suddenly become the person everyone wants to know or even better the person that people look up to. You will become deeply admired by people you have never met before.

The joy that fame will bring!

Imagine seeing a person staring at you nervously and anxious to meet you.

Some often go unnoticed and become discouraged, they start to believe that fame and fortune will never come to them or they will never reach that point in life.

Fame can be very hard to reach, especially if you are not one of those people who are just discovered or one of the lucky ones.


Young children and millennials often experience neglect…or perhaps their parents were hard to impress. Sometimes parents are not supportive of their child’s dreams, or may think fame is something their child is not capable of and cannot accomplish. Not having support or guidance in what you want to do growing up can be very stressful, discouraging and could possibly ruin a child’s mindset. Sometimes we often sense the need for admiring attention.

Parents can often get caught up in other famous people and what they have going on in their lives or even working too hard and their children’s talents go unnoticed.

This can leave a child feeling unimportant and also make them feel like they are not good enough to reach fame in the entertainment industry. Everyone needs a little push and motivation to keep moving forward and do good. This does not mean the parents are not good parents or does not want to see their children succeed in becoming famous. Parents have big roles and parts to play in their children’s life and sometimes they get too caught up in other adult duties, such as paying bills, making sure their children are fed and more, so they lack the support their kids need to be famous or succeed in whatever in their life they are going for. 

Fame also comes with sacrifices.

We all have to make sacrifices for what we want sometimes and those sacrifices can turn out to be life changing if making the right sacrifices. This requires putting their money, dedication and time into their children’s career. In some cases a parent is able to do all of these things and provide the support their child needs, while it is found to be harder for a family living in poverty where sometimes a single parent struggles to take care of their family. This can be a big reason ones dreams and talents go unnoticed. It’s the small things in life that could show a child you care whether it’s reading them a bedtime story or even rewarding one’s good grades. These type of actions shows a child you care and could even  push and motivate them to work and work hard for things in life to get what they want. 

Fame presents itself as a deep need to be appreciated and treated decently by other people.

With fame comes lots of things such as, respect, money and admiration from thousands or maybe even millions of people and more.

It’s all like an American dream and everyone wants it.

This is another struggle of reaching fame, you are not the only person that wants this there are  millions of people that are going for the same thing in life.

Once a person reaches  fame and fortune some weight seems to be lifted up from their shoulders.

Financial situations may no longer be a problem and the poverty is gone. All in all fame is not what it’s made out to be. Some may say more money more problems , but in some cases it may be more fame more problems.

It is not just beginners who are struggling to get noticed,  It may also be those who are already famous Or want to become  even more famous.

Becoming rich and famous starts with a rich and famous mindset.

We are exactly what we believe and say we are. Some people often wonder why nothings going good for them, they feel so low and as if a lightning bolt of bad luck struck them. And this can all be caused by a poor or damaged mindset. A positive person can master massive happiness, health, success and and believe they can do anything. It can be hard having and keeping a positive mindset in these difficult times, there are pandemics going on that are making the world seem like a major wreck. And it is important to stay positive during these difficult times, by doing this you can make the world a better place and this could possibly lead to your fame and fortune by having a millionaire mindset. You will win and succeed in anything and accomplish all that you have ever imagined!

It is important that you develop the attitude of positive thinking in everything you do. Thinking positive brings brightness to one’s future, this means more energy happiness and success. Positive and negative thinking both can be very contagious. It is all about what you want to make it. It is a MINDSET!

“Life’s what you make it so let’s make it right”~ Miley Cyrus A.K.A Hannah Montana

“When you have the right relationships, it becomes easy.” – Deneen White

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