The Power of Ownership

As the Executive Producer of VIP Ignite Live, I’ve encountered countless individuals dreaming of success in the entertainment industry. However, a hard truth I’ve come to realize is that no one will invest in someone who is broke and consistently makes excuses. Let me channel some Tony Robbins-style energy to break down why taking ownership is the cornerstone of success.

The Reality of Perception

Firstly, being “broke” is not solely about the lack of financial resources; it’s often a mindset. When you project a mentality of lack and limitations, it reflects in your actions and attitudes. People, especially in this industry, are drawn to invest in those who exhibit confidence, resourcefulness, and the drive to overcome obstacles. Your financial state is not the barrier; your mindset is.

The Power of Ownership

Excuses Are Dream Killers

Making excuses is the most significant roadblock to personal growth and achievement. Excuses are the narratives we tell ourselves to avoid facing the uncomfortable truth that we are not doing everything in our power to succeed. In the high-stakes world of entertainment, excuses are the antithesis of the resilience and determination that industry leaders seek in new talent.

Taking Ownership

Ownership means acknowledging that you are the creator of your life’s story. It’s about shifting from a mindset of blame and justification to one of empowerment and action. When you take full responsibility for your circumstances, you transition from being a passive observer of your life to an active participant. This shift is magnetic; it attracts opportunities and people who are willing to invest in your journey.

The Power of Ownership

The Role of Persistence and Adaptability

Success in any field, especially in the dynamic landscape of entertainment, requires persistence and adaptability. Being broke or facing setbacks should be seen as temporary challenges, not permanent states. By adopting a mindset of perseverance and flexibility, you demonstrate a willingness to do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into reality.


In the end, people invest in those who invest in themselves. Being financially challenged or encountering obstacles is part of the journey, but making excuses and accepting defeat is not. In the world of VIP Ignite Live, we seek individuals who are ready to take ownership of their futures, face challenges head-on, and persistently pursue their dreams with passion and dedication. Remember, your current circumstances do not define your future possibilities; your actions and mindset do.

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