Unlocking Success: The Power of Improv and Networking

Dive into our first encounter with Marjah Simon on The Coffee In The Greenroom Podcast, hosted by VIP Ignite. Get acquainted with this publishing results expert who is a lawyer, author, and the brilliant mind behind the Author’s Writer Academy. Discover her passion for transforming individuals, especially those from the realms of acting, modeling, and music, into published authors.

The Military Maven Meets Academia

Journey through Marjah’s impressive past, from her days of serving in the US Army and the US Air Force to her academic endeavors. With a Juris Doctor of Law, a Masters in Diplomacy, and an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s in English, Business, and Behavioral Science under her belt, learn how these experiences set the foundation for her current mission.

The Power of Stories

In a world where actors, models, and musicians captivate audiences with their talents, Marjah emphasizes the untapped potential of their personal stories. Dive deep into her philosophy of capturing these unique narratives and the transformative impact they can have when shared with the world.

Legacy Beyond Material Wealth

Revel in Marjah’s profound understanding of legacy. It’s not just about wealth and possessions. She paints a vivid picture of legacies as inheritances of wisdom, love, courage, and compassion. Grasp her perspective on shaping stories that resonate for generations, ensuring they don’t just entertain but also enlighten and inspire.

From ‘One Day’ to ‘I’m Done!’

Tackle the common hurdles of aspiring authors with Marjah’s guidance. Experience her academy’s unique approach that takes the daunting task of writing and turns it into a fun and exhilarating journey. Learn about her strategies and methods that have helped many transition from mere dreamers to proud authors.

A Collaboration of Visionaries

Witness the synergy between Marjah Simon and VIP Ignite. Explore how their collaboration is opening new doors for artists, offering them a platform to share their tales beyond stages and screens, and the impact of having the backing of Truth Mgmt in this quest.

The Legacy of Legacies

Reflect on Marjah Simon’s indelible mark on the world of storytelling. From our intimate conversation on the podcast, take away the essence of her mission: the creation of lasting legacies. Embrace her call to action, encouraging everyone, especially those in the arts, to pen their stories, ensuring their experiences, lessons, and truths echo through time.

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