Many professionals are asked by beginners how they can become an actor without any experience in their resume. It is obvious that without showing someone what you bring to the table, you shouldn’t be able to get the job. However, whether you just got out of drama school or are jumping straight into the acting business with no formal training, everyone has to start somewhere. You need to know when and where you can begin your career as an actor and get the attention you need to build a shiny resume.

Here we have some awesome tips on how you can become an actor with no prior experience and no connections in the industry!

Tip #1- Consider Local Gigs: You may be considering moving right away to big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. But moving early will only increase the load on your pockets as you will have to pay for rent and food. Moreover, while these cities will offer more opportunities, they will also hold a larger challenge for you with more actors in the queue. It is best to find local gigs in smaller cities first and learn more about how to impress the audience there. You can get more information about local castings and audition calls on the internet and from local agencies.

Tip #2- Start Taking Acting Classes: For those who have straight up jumped into the acting industry, you might want to learn the basic skills required by actors on the stage or in front of the camera. Acting instructors can help you develop your technique, enhance your confidence on-camera, and introduce you to various experts across multiple niches.

Tip #3- Gain Formal Education: After getting some foundational knowledge in the acting industry from local acting classes, you should also try to obtain a formal education. You will find several colleges and institutes offering night classes to help make your daily chores easier. You just have to find the one that fit your schedule. Apart from the official degree or certification, you will gain experience by participating in student films, commercials, and media projects.

Tip #4- Join a Local Theater: Working in your community theaters will help you begin your career. You can master your skills here and form valuable relationships with other actors and personnel integral to production, such as costume designers, make-up artists, and script supervisors.

Tip #5- Start Auditioning: Try going to as many auditions and casting calls as you can. This will not only ensure that you are constantly on the radar of popular production houses and casting agents, but will also help you meet new people. Entertainment is one industry where your connections matter just as much as your actual credentials, so focus on building your resume as well as your personal address list.


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