The vast world of modeling has something for everyone. No matter how you look, you are sure to grab an opportunity that perfectly suits your personality. However, while becoming a model is easily possible, things might get challenging as you begin your career in paid projects. Nevertheless, if you have the passion, talent, and confidence, you can reach heights in this industry. Moreover, having the right connections and building relationships with industry experts can always be helpful. 

Here is a beginner’s guide on how you can become a model!

Where Should I Begin?

If you believe you have everything that models have but are confused about where to begin, you are at the right place! Here we have a few steps that every model, of any kind, needs to take to begin their career. Let’s get started!

#1- Know Yourself: As mentioned before, modeling is such a vast industry that you can easily find a project that matches your personality. However, first, you must know more about yourself! 

Free your face, pull your hair back and put on make-up. Make faces in the mirror to understand what suits you best and pull that trigger when searching for an agency or creating your portfolio. Remember, going with what makes you confident is the key to success!

#2- Build Your Modeling Portfolio: The next step is to hire a professional photographer and get clicking. Once you know your angles and postures, you can provide the best shots. The key is searching for aspiring photographers who also need models to create their portfolios. The same goes for outfit designers and make-up artists. Now, you can have two types of a portfolio-

  • Hard copy portfolio: This is like your resume, which you take to your in-person casting calls. Affix your best 8-12 photos in a portfolio case, along with a brief catalog of your modeling experience.
  • Online portfolio: The other is an online website where you can show off a broader work experience and potential. Your casting agents can see the versatility you bring to the table. However, these can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it.

#3- Taking Photographs: Beginning with your portfolio, you should have a few basic types of photos in it. Like-

  • A head shot
  • A full-body shot
  • A swimwear shot
  • Some editorial, topic-based photos

Some Tips on Building an Online Portfolio-

  • Avoid taking photos with food. The casting agents do not care about your food.
  • Bring your pets in only if you are posing with them.
  • Ask your friends to take numerous photos of you.
  • Follow and use trending hashtags.
  • Beginning as a blogger, vlogger, or influencer is a great start.

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