If the truth were told, most people like to be entertained in one way or another.

That entertainment could take form in being made to laugh or making others laugh, being serenaded or serenading others, and otherwise finding or providing amusement and enjoyment.

Whether or not we realize it, entertainment is very important. Here’s why: 1) It relieves stress by providing a worthy distraction, 2) It provides employment for several people, 3) It nurtures culture in various ways, whether it’s a movie on date night or a ball game with fellow dads, and 4) It promotes talent and creativity. The interesting thing is there’s an entire industry dedicated to entertainment and it’s taken the world by storm!

This growing and diverse industry broadly consist of film, radio, television, and print. More specifically it includes reality shows, television series, live performances, musical extravaganzas, mesmerizing movies, exciting game shows, audacious sports, and enlightening travel to name a few.

Newly discovered talents are being revealed and brought to light in the entertainment industry at an increasingly high rate. Entrepreneur.com states that PwC, a network of firms in 158 countries, predicts media and entertainment revenue is expected to reach $771 billion in 2022. This type of revenue growth, along with other positive and encouraging factors, could spark interest in one’s pursuit of lifelong goals and dreams of being a part of the entertainment industry. Pretty exciting isn’t it?

What do you think of when you hear the words “entertainment industry?” Actors? Models? Singers? Dancers? Diverse Performers? The answer to this question, more often than not, is yes.

In recent years, however, the industry has included social media influencers and reality stars who have discovered that by sharing their personal lives and/or competing for various prizes, celebrity status comes quite a bit faster. Seeing the rise in these two areas, specifically, could seemingly cause us to forget the many, many hours each of the earlier above-mentioned industry professionals dedicate to, not only learning their craft but perfecting it. Early mornings, late nights, minimal sleep, and memorizing long scripts only scratch the surface of what it takes to progress and succeed in this competitive industry.

 The dream of becoming a star, a celebrity, and a household name is exhilarating and mind-blowing, to say the least. Once you delve into the workings of becoming and developing that calling, it can be overwhelming and a bit scary.

However, it is not an impossible quest.

In a recent Model and Actor Boot Camp conducted by VIP Ignite Live, Mark Schoenfeld, co-creator of the Broadway musical Brooklyn, stated “ease is a greater obstacle to success than hardship.” Simply put, taking the easy path will cause you to become stagnant in developing the necessary skills and abilities needed to succeed. On the other hand, taking the harder path and consistently accepting new challenges allows us to adapt our behaviors, forever growing and becoming masters of our craft. Denzel Washington has been quoted as saying “without commitment, you’ll never start; without consistency, you’ll never finish. The goal is to keep working, keep striving, and never give up. If you fall seven times, get up eight.”

Now let’s backtrack to something that was mentioned earlier, and that is the pursuit of lifelong goals and dreams of being involved in the entertainment industry. Every person interested in pursuing such a goal should realize that working in media and entertainment is challenging and exciting. However, sometimes entry-level pay can be low in what’s considered a glamorous field. This is especially true for extras and background workers. Also, the industry gives workers the chance to meet and/or work with top celebrities, newsmakers, and influencers. But get ready for long hours, especially for those who may be new in the industry. Everyone has to put their time in to make it in this industry, but being patient and maintaining a positive mindset and helpful attitude will afford you more opportunities for industry growth.

Some media entertainment jobs offer travel opportunities regionally and internationally, which, in itself, is very exciting! But one has to consider the difference in time zones (jet lag), late-night, middle-of-the-night, and very early morning shifts which could mess up sleep schedules. It’ll certainly test one’s ability to adapt their lifestyle to accommodate his/her new career. 

Truth is, competition is fierce in the industry and what one person isn’t willing to do, another is ready to step up and do it with great enthusiasm.

An interesting fact about the entertainment industry, along with everything else in the world lately, is it’s constantly evolving and being refined. Covid-19 has helped with that. The latest pandemic has completely transformed the way society views and responds to entertainment. Being quarantined indoors has drastically increased the number of movies being watched and streaming service subscriptions. It’s given birth to enormous diverse and unique social media creations and interactions through digital means, giving the entertainment industry an “always-on, always accessible” edge.

For as long as mankind has existed, so has the desire to communicate and share information which is the mission of media and entertainment. In ancient cultures, entertainment could be found in amphitheaters consisting of plays and songs dedicated to certain gods, chariot races, gladiator fights, beast hunts, and even public executions. Today, media and entertainment are used in a lot of the same ways (to communicate, share information, educate, and/or raise awareness) through reality shows, competition shows, survival of the fittest, and/or exposure and subsequent punishment of the corrupt.

Here’s a real and true statement:

The entertainment industry isn’t going away any time soon. It’s definitely here to stay. Production companies are being created almost regularly, new producers are coming to the forefront and introducing themselves, and new talent is being discovered on a daily basis. With all these creations and discoveries come newfound skills, jobs, insight, and background to an already booming industry.

“We help transform ordinary people to extraordinary individuals.” – Deneen White

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