When I first started acting and modeling, I didn’t have a mentor…and I always promised myself that one day I would share the advice I wish I got when I was green in the industry.

DO NOT STARVE yourself.

Really, it’s not worth it. If you don’t have natural, distinctive features like cheekbones – don’t worry and don’t try to lose weight hoping they’ll show up. It’s not worth it. By starving yourself you may damage your body, skin and hair…it’s just not worth it!

How to Prepare for Auditions

Just say no to make-up and untasteful clothing. Wear something simple and understated; it’s about you, not your clothes.

Smile and please don’t be arrogant. A friendly, polite and a smart conversation when you hand out the headshots goes a long way.

Include all the important info on the back page of your headshot. It’s always good to mention additional abilities and special skills

Have your photos in a professional portfolio book so that you can quickly switch the order or add new ones.

Work on your acting, improv and performing skills. Some auditions will be for commercials or feature roles. Being fully prepared will allow your personality and acting skills to make a difference.

Let’s Talk About Headshots

Michael Fomkin, CEO of VIP Ignite explains, “Even though today’s phones have amazing cameras that rival a $25,000 Leica camera, having professional headshots is non-negotiable. A good photographer can highlight your look or focus on something you didn’t know you had.’

Being Unique Matters

If you are unhappy with something you cannot change, such as your height or age, do not worry.

Alycia Kaback, co-founder of VIP Ignite advises, “Invest in something that can be improved: acting, performance, join a gym.”

Do not even think about plastic surgery, it’s the worst you can do. In 2022, being natural is the best ‘superpower’ you have. Don’t underestimate being uniquely you.

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