Review by Rose Ramirez

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Rosa is from Dallas, TX.

She aspires to be an actress and model, but she knows that there are not a lot of opportunities where she lives.

She saw ads on social media and tried to work with VIP Ignite several times…but the time was never right.

Finally, an opportunity opened up for Rosa to travel to NYC to a Mastermind that VIP Ignite was holding.

Her advice to anyone out there who is on the fence, wondering if this is real, is to go with your instincts, take the risk and just go for it!


Let’s start with you telling me a little bit about yourself. I’m Rosa Isella Renault Ramirez. I’m from Dallas. I’m 22 years old. I like to skateboard and paint and draw and do yoga in my free time. I go out. Yeah. That’s awesome. What made you decide to work with Alicia on VIP ignite? Well, maybe he decided to join Alicia VIP ignite,

because I saw something in my instincts that I believe that it was true. So I went for it. Awesome. What has been the biggest obstacle that VIP ignite has helped you overcome? The biggest obstacle that I overcome was me overthinking myself and not just only that getting out of my comfort zone because everyone is in the same place. And we’re just trying to be more open mind.

No, some of them were on the fence about coming to an event like this. What would you tell them somewhere on the fence? I would tell them this is one of the tenses I will take and it’s worthwhile.