Review by Jason H.

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The main topic that stood out to Jason during our Summer Virtual Summit was the topic of comfort. ✨

You have to be comfortable with everything you do if you are to achieve success! Whether or not you are pursuing success in entertainment, you need to be comfortable with your skills. 😉

Jason is more than just comfortable with producing, he has knowledge and other skills that will help him succeed as a producer! 🧠📚


Everybody in the virtual summit. This is Jason Harris. I know a lot of people want to know why I ain’t show my face or nothing like that, because this is my comfort zone. They were Mr. Chris Connie was talking about being comfortable C uncomfortable as a producer, uncomfortable as a screenwriter. I’m comfortable at that. I know screenwriter from front to back that way.

I will tell Mr. Stratton go to WGA West. That’s the best I know by copywriting. I know all about them. I mean, I know about fade in, fade out, cut scene, chop, scene up scene that saying how I can hollow too. And I can add to, but the thing about it though, I know all of that.

I know everything about producing. I know everything by line producer. I know everything by cinema that I read that I know everything about that. But the main topic to me that stood out, everything stood out where he was saying, but the main topics stood out. When he said comfort, you gotta be comfortable with everything that you do, even if it ain’t the entertainment.

If it is the entertainment and just doing basic stuff, you gotta be comfortable flipping the damn burger could guess what? You ain’t comfortable flipping that burger. Guess what? You might drop it on the damn floor. I’m not sugarcoat Nick being comfortable with producing. I can’t go wrong. When it come down to producing every time when somebody talk about produce, I’d be the first one to say something because that’s that’s me.

That’s, that’s my zone. I’m a producer. I mean, I, I guess with it, I guess with it, man, I mean, I, I, I deliver the pain. I bring the pain, the pain, the bang, bang, bang, wherever you want to call it, then that’s me. I can, I can get, actually get down SIM I could get feminine, like a, like a CC. When it comes down to being a producer, I can, I can get, I don’t want to get here. I want to just let the character know this scene right here. It consists of being a strong, strong war. You just can’t go out there and be a weak wall.

You could warriors. Ain’t weak, man. We feel this warriors, man. We ain’t scared of Nick.