Review by James D.

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What’s up, VIP family?! James was almost unable to make our Summer 2020 Virtual Summit. 😥

However, the online format allowed him to attend not one, but all three days of the summit. 😁

The online format allows for more flexibility for people who cannot travel or have busy schedules. ✈️🗓️

For James, the online format worked so much better, allowing him to gain valuable knowledge from our speakers with the rest of our VIP family! 🧠


What’s up VIP family. This is James Dean. And I want to say thank you today was amazing. I was really super pumped when we got off the call today. Now I wasn’t supposed to be here. I found out last minute about this summit and I tell you what it’s amazing. See, I missed December in New York because I did, I had some stuff going on and I had to leave and I didn’t think I’d ever come back to VIP or if I did, it would be a while.

And I was only slated for one day in December. So this actually worked out much better for me because now because of the VIP elite virtual summit, I’m able to spend three days with the family three days, getting knowledge and direction and mentorship. I get three days to hang out with some of the best people that I know.

So I want to thank everybody VIP. I want to thank all the special guests today. I really, really loved Chris and Patrick. They really, they stood out to me the most, all of the speakers were amazing, and I know that we’re going to have a great, great weekend together as usual with the family. So have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow.