Review by Jacqueline B.

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BOOYAH! Jacqueline has just two things to share from her first day of our summer virtual summit. ⭐

1. Own your talent! 🎤

2. Lead from where you stand! 💪😤

Remember your coaching, rewind, elevate, and lead by example. Keep going, Fearless Rebels! 🌠🌠


Boo-yah first day of our virtual summit vision, 2020 fearless rebels and VIP ignite. We had a wonderful time on this first day, six wonderful speakers that we gathered to listen and learn from Alicia Powell. She let us know how to make ourselves own our talent and Chris Cummings. He let us know that we have to lead from where we stand fearless rebels.

Remember our coaching rewind in courage, being elevate and lead by example, good night, sleep tight and be prepared for the next VIP ignite.