Review by Gabriel N.

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Meeting fellow summit members and speakers was an AMAZING experience for Gabriel! It is a big step towards the future success of his career. 🤩💯 He learned a lot from our speaker, Richard Stratton, on writing in the industry. He learned how to pursue his script and put it into action! ✍️🎬 Hopefully, Gabriel WILL do something amazing. 🌠🌠


Hey, everyone today was amazing meeting everybody and the speakers and especially Richard talking about scripts. And it was just so amazing mind blowing to get started and get closer to the success of our futures. And it’s amazing. Can’t believe we just did this. It was a basic, and I can’t wait for tomorrow and yeah. Keep on rocking for careers. So amazing. And I think I really, we learned a lot in how to like pursue my script into action and she’s so cool. So thank you. Uh, everybody is, I really appreciate this opportunity and hopefully we can do something amazing. So.