Review by Florence C.

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Here is Florence’s main takeaway from our summer virtual event: 🖋️

Adjust your mindset! Instead of thinking “I can’t do it,” tell yourself, “I don’t know how to.” You never know whether you can or cannot do something without trying! 🤔💭

Whether or not you succeed, you made an attempt and might find surprising other ways you fit in. 😌👌


Hi guys. It’s just day one. And I feel like I’m already up here. And my today’s takeaways are those say that you can do it, but say that you don’t know how to, and just do it. Just go ahead and do it. Cause you won’t know till you’ve done it. You want to feel pretty good. Yeah. When you didn’t do it.

So go ahead and just do it. That’s when you found out that you fit for it and today this event was super amazing. I learned a lot. It’s all. Thanks to VIP ignite and everyone who works there and all the coaches. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for tomorrow.