Review by Darion V.

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Hey Fearless Rebels! Darion wants to share what he learned at our online summit. 💻💭

1. Push past your comfort zone. 😤

2. Own your moment. If you want to be it, you have to embody it! 💖

3. Be yourself! Success doesn’t come from conformity. Stand out and become a fearless rebel! 💯


Hey guys, my name is Darian Vincent, and I took away so many gems from today’s virtual summit. We’d learn how to push past our comfort zone because that’s where the magic lies. We learned how to bone our moment. So if you’re an actor, be that actor, if you’re a singer, be that singer, we learn how to embody it.

So it becomes a lifestyle. We also learn how to sharpen our ax, to gain the tools needed to master our craft. But the biggest takeaway of all is to be yourselves, to stand out and to become a fearless rebel.