Review by Daniel Sutphin

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Daniel S. was at a very dark place in his life.

He had a dream to be an actor and model, but he didn’t see how it was possible, especially because he lives in a small town in the middle of Wyoming.

He had been considering working with VIP Ignite, but the timing was never right.

After reaching his lowest point, Daniel knew that he had to take action or that his dream would never come to fruition.

He attended our live webinar and learned about all of the possibilities that VIP Ignite has to offer.

He then signed up to attend his first live event in New York City.

Knowing he needed to be prepared for that event, he registered for 30X Elite Coaching where he not only was prepared for the live event in NYC, but he also found a community that would support and uplift him.


Tell me a little bit about yourself. Well, my name is Daniel Sutphin and I originally grew up in the blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. And in 2012, I moved out to Wyoming where I currently live. Now, What made you decide to work with Alicia and VIP ignite? What made me decide to work with VIP ignite and Alicia? Quebec was I was in a low place in my life and nothing was helping me get out of it and nothing was helping me better myself.

And I had found them on the internet and I started reading reviews on them and it just seemed like they were a great company to work with. And that was Valley. They wanted you to better yourself, not just, it’s not just about the company, it’s about you. They, they strive to make you better. And for your, for you to succeed,

What has been the biggest obstacle that VIP ignite has helped you overcome? The biggest obstacle that VIP ignite has helped me overcome is one fear. And then two, self-confidence just being able to believe in myself that I can do this no matter what anybody else says. If I work and I, I strive 100% to do this, I can do it and I can succeed in my life.

If someone were on the fence about coming to an event like this, what would you tell them? I would, if someone was on the fence about coming to events like this, I would probably tell them why you want to sit on a fence and live a life that you’re not happy with. Why would you want to do that? When you could get help with professionals that know what they’re doing and can help get you a better life,

not just, you know, money wise and stuff like that, but it helps better yourself, better your personality. You can grow your skills and your family. You know, it’s not just, this is a family of VIP ignite and you can help grow your family and friends and just be able to experience new things.