Review by Cynthia B.

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The speakers here at VIP Ignite keep Cynthia PUMPED! For her, our online platform allows for invaluable networking and shared knowledge. 🧠🤝

The formatting allowed for virtual networking with people from not only the east and west coasts, but internationally as well! ✈️

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Hey everyone, day one done. Oh my God. It was amazing. I CA I’ve met the, all the speakers today, but every time I talk to them, they still keep me intrigued. They still keep me pumped. Uh, they still keep me smiling with all the knowledge that they give us.

And the best part is they don’t have to, but they want to this industry and this group, VIP ignite is amazing. And it’s such a great experience to have somewhere a community to come and join together and learn, build each other and build from the novel that all the speakers give to us. Um, every time I meet and talk to everyone, I left, you know, speechless and I’m left feeling such a high because I’m just so excited.

I’m. So today day one of the 2020 elite summit virtual event, it was a success. Yes, 130 people I saw were on it. Um, I helped with registration yesterday. That was awesome. Everybody, you know, was definitely supportive in it, you know, asking all the questions. It was, it’s great just to have all of them.

Um, and to think that there’s two more days, this is exciting. Uh, the pros I feel for the event are going yeah. To be coming tomorrow and Sunday, where not only do we get to network with people on the East coast and West coast, but now we get to network with people internationally.

And so that I am looking forward to, that’s going to be amazing because unless you have an established name for yourself within the industry to be able to meet these people. Oh, I’m just, I’m so excited and I can’t wait. I’m so yeah, day one, success. Um, the Stratton duo, Richard and Antoinette. I love you both. You both are inspiration, inspirational, and your own separate ways with what you’ve gone through in order to get where you are, the fact that you give such knowledge back willingly and with an open heart, um, who else was there?

Patrick Quagliana, he, you know, is so passionate about how much training. And even though you are an established actor or model within the industry, training is key, always trained. You will never not be able to learn something new. Um, who else was there? Alicia? Yes. Alicia, I love you. You just, you made me smile the whole time. Um, I met you in New York and, uh, last December and yeah, you were inspirational. I love your stories. I love how, you know, in the December event you showed us your skillset of being able to transition into character right away.

Um, Chris Cummins, I met you for the first time today. Thank you so much. All I could say is thank you. Thank you to all the speakers. Thank you to VIP. He ignites and I can not wait for the next two days. Um, unfortunately it would, I would love to be able to hug and go out to dinner and drink with everyone.

But with the pandemic things happen for a reason and stay positive. We’re still doing the summit to VIP. Ignite has put on an amazing day one, and I can only believe that the next two days are going to be even better. Um, so yes, thank you so much. I had an amazing day one and I wish all of you much happiness and success in your future endeavors.

And I hope that we can, you know, keep then touch and work together, hopefully in the future. All right. Take care.