Review by Chloe S.

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The amount of information and advice given to Chloe at our online summit has her more confident in her choices. 😏 Her biggest takeaway is to be true to oneself! Authenticity is key to success. 🔑🌟 Fortunately, it was not the only takeaway. Chloe has a lot of notes to type up! 💻 There will be a lot of writing in her future! Writing has become a possible tool for getting into the industry. ✍️ Why not try it and see what happens? 👀👀


Hey guys. So I’m currently getting electro shock therapy on my legs. As I’m sitting here, it’s just like special shoes because I just have the most amazing day thanks to VIP ignite, because we just had a virtual summit. I mean, the amount of information I have just learned and like the amount of advice I was getting, like just after every speaker, I just felt more confident in like my choices and like where I’m going and like what I’m going to do. Like, Oh my gosh. It’s just absolutely amazing. I’m trying to like type up my notes right now, which there are a lot. So I’m going to be here for a while. I mean, Oh my gosh. I just loved everything and understanding certain things about like how to get into the industry in a different way than what you’d normally thought. Like I never thought I could be a writer and I was actually pretty good at it in high school. So I mean like, why not try it? I’m going to just try it and see what happens. Oh my gosh. And I absolutely love the fact that we got to speak to Pat ADIs because like, Oh, I just, I love it theater. And the fact that you get to learn all these things about it and like how to produce and like how to get your plays in the door. I just absolutely amazing. And my biggest takeaway from this entire event was just the first day only the first day of the entire event. It was just to be true to myself and never give up. And that is something I’m going to hold with me until the end. I love that. And I’m just going to keep it with me. I am so thankful for this event and I cannot wait for tomorrow.