Review by Cassie G.

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Hey you. Yeah, you, I am talking to you. Why are you just sitting there not doing anything for your career? Let me tell you what I’ve been doing. I’ve been on a virtual summit with VIP ignite, and I have been learning from some of the top people in the industry, such as Chris Cummins, Antoinette Stratton, her husband,

Richard Stratton, Pat ADIs and Patrick Quagliana. What I have learned today is so valuable. I’ve learned that you need coaching. You need practice. You need to do the research. You need to quit living in your comfort zone and you need to start chasing the fear. As the most important thing I learned today is chasing the fear and doing it. Don’t say,

no, don’t back in a corner. This is your time. This is your passion. So go do it. So I advise you to go check out VIP ignite talent Academy and get yourself enrolled in these classes and coaching. This will change your entire life. It’s already changing mine and it’s been about three months and just wait to see what else it does for my life.