Review by Cassandra S.

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Cassandra has one question for you: Are you lit?! 🔥🔥 She could go on and on about the things she learned, but her two main takeaways are 📚 1. Own yourself! Own your brand, own your person, own who you are. 😤 2. Anyone can write, just pick up a pen and start! ✍️✍️ Now she is excited to further her art. Maybe even pick up a pen and start writing herself. 😏😉


Hey, my beautiful crop. Do you feel that campfire, do you feel the warrants that I’m feeling? Are you pumped up? Are you here? Are you lit? Because I am, especially after that knowledgeable pack day, we learned so much today. We got to see some of our favorite people that we get to see in the training. We got to see some people we haven’t met before, and it was amazing from Chris Cummings relating his self to us with the crazy thoughts that we have in our head. When we have anxiety too, ms. Alicia, Joey Powell, being a powerhouse and telling us that we need to, um, ourselves on our brand, on our, you know, person who we are to, you know, talking to Richard who is, you can tell he’s passionate about writing. And that was, I haven’t wrote in a while myself and hearing him speak about it and talk about it and, and analyze it a certain way that he did. He got me more pumped up about writing again. So I was like, I’m going to get back into it. So thank you for that, mr. Richard, um, I’m of course, Antoinette, everybody loves to hear Antoinette speak. She’s like an angel owner. Her voice is so soft yet. So penetrating because everything she says, you just absorb. I mean, I could go on and on about the things that I learned today, but, uh, there’s fireworks going on. Those are crazy, but, um, I’m so happy that we’ve gotten the one out of the way. And honestly, I don’t even know what’s in store for day two. Like I knew this was going to be awesome, but you guys went above and beyond, right? Alicia, the name Michael VRP, you know, Ryan Colby, Debbie. Well, I just met today being an awesome being that she is and getting everybody registered, like saying you guys from the bottom of my heart. Thank you guys. And thank you to all the coaches who spoke today and the speakers who spoke today and just a future thing, right? Thank you for what we’re going to have for this weekend, but, uh, I’m going to get outta here, your hair and, uh, you guys be blessed and just, although I feel a little bit cold being away from the fire, I’m not going to worry cause we’ll be back tomorrow for day two of the summit. Y’all be blessed. Bye.