Review by Cassandra S.

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Cassandra has one question for you: Are you lit?! 🔥🔥

She could go on and on about the things she learned, but her two main takeaways are 📚

1. Own yourself! Own your brand, own your person, own who you are. 😤

2. Anyone can write, just pick up a pen and start! ✍️✍️

Now she is excited to further her art. Maybe even pick up a pen and start writing herself. 😏😉


Hey, y’all already know they’re going to make us do a takeaway video, which I am completely okay with. But I just want to say like today it has, I mean, every day has gotten better and better, and they’re each like equally stand alone. Good for their self because you’ve learned so much on each of these days, but it’s like,

everything is just tied into one another and it’s just when things align, stuff starts to make sense. VIP makes sense. It might not be everything everybody’s thing. It might not be, but for me, VIP makes sense. And for all the fearless rebels that are there now, it makes sense. These people really want to help us. These people really want us to succeed and be happy and our success doing what we love to do.

I’m over the moon right now. Yeah. Bye.