Review by Brijique Fergusson

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Our talent Brijique had a plan for how she was going to get started as an actor.

But… what she learned is that she can only control the controllable.

She learned that the quickest road to success for her was to be genuine, to live as her authentic self.

She learned that being a part of a community, a tribe is necessary for true success when she broke her ankle. It was her VIP Ignite community that kept her spirits high as she faced the obstacle of recovery from an injury.

She made the discovery during that time that the true value in the entertainment business is not the fame or fortune…though those things are great…she learned that in being vulnerable her acting skills became stronger.

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Hello my name is Brigitte Vanessa Ferguson I’m 32 years old and I hail from Los Angeles California so this weekend for me was phenomenal it was amazing I am very grateful and blessed to be here I believe in synchronicity and I feel like I was meant to be here this weekend I learned oh I learned a plethora of things this weekend but mainly what I learned is that you don’t have control over everything and sometimes you may have an idea and it may not go the way you planned it in your head that is like literally what I learned this weekend and I learned that just think to be genuine be authentic living your office authenticity living your truth because it’s going to get you to the places that you want to go just being yourself like literally I’m not lying like seriously me being myself has gotten me this far I wouldn’t be here this weekend if I wasn’t myself

VIP ignite has impacted my life by just peeling back the layers of protectiveness so that she can know herself more and basically you know I just became exposed and i and I at first I was a little scared of the feeling at first but with exposure you can help other people like the fact that you’re telling your story can help other people and that’s how VIP has impacted my life I’m not scared to tell my story anywhere I’m not scared to be who I truly am I’m not scared to be me I’m very comfortable with my skin so that’s how VIP has impacted my life

You should join VIP because you find a tribe you find a family you find friendship that’s why you should join VIP is genuine love here we all have genuine love for each other we genuinely want to see each other succeed so that’s why you should join VIP It’s not about the fame it’s not about the fortune yet those things come but you get a genuine try people who genuinely care about you will check on you guys I broke my ankle I had so many VIP talent mike Deneen Alycia keeps in touch with me every day she’s face timing me everything Janine miss Debbie I talked to miss Debbie’s daughter like you get a family you get a tribe you get friendship its genuine love its real authenticity that’s why you should join VIP ignite