Review by Brandon H.

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Brandon had an AMAZING first day at one of our summits. ❗❗ He is now bubbling with excitement from knowledge passed to him by industry leaders! 🧠💭 Be persistent and be sure to train if you want to be part of the entertainment industry. 😤 Stay true to yourself and believe in your craft, just make sure not to lose yourself to stardom.


Amazing first day of the summit, we had some amazing speakers started off with Chris Cummins who emphasize the magic outside of your comfort zone. We had Richard Stratton who says, anyone could write, you just have to start and put words on paper and be persistent. We had a Patrick Quagliana who emphasize how important training is in the entertainment industry. We had internet Stratton who always, always harps on to stay true. And to believe in your craft, we had Alyssa joy Powell who says to never negate your relationships. And we ended, ended the night with, uh, Pat ADIs who says to never lose yourself in the stardom and to be innovative, amazing first day. Can’t wait until tomorrow.