Review by Blessing Lee

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Blessing is a shy girl who immigrated to the US with her family several years ago.

She started working with us when she was 13 years old…she had a dream of following in her fathers’ footsteps from their home country and becoming an actor.

But she was painfully shy.

Over the past 24 months, Blessing has had the golden opportunity to work with mentors such as 50 Cents’ acting coach and the Head Stunt Coordinator for Fear the Walking Dead…and having the right set of circumstances to work with such powerful people who believe in her has helped her break out of her cocoon of shyness.

Not only does she have industry experts boosting her…the VIP Ignite community also encourages her to use her voice and her acting skills to become a mighty young woman who is now an Improv master.

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Hey, everyone, my name is Deneen White and I’m the publicist for VIP Ignite and I am here with one of our amazing talent Blessing hi Blessing how are you I’m doing amazing oh my gosh you’re welcome so you have had quite the weekend but before we talk about this weekend so I’ve known Blessing now for a couple years and when I first met her she was such a shy little girl she knew what she wanted to do but she was just so shy and so timid so she’s here with me on set behind the scenes in a top-secret location we’re not even allowed to tell you where we are that’s how top secret it is but she has had an amazing transformation this weekend

So Blessing tell us a little bit about how you came into the weekend and how you’re leaving the weekend okay well the first day we had like two days of um that superhero weekend and so the first day it was really tough I’m not gonna lie to you i was so like Deneen that I was so shy and I was I just couldn’t get out of this cocoon I made for myself and um but finally like on the second day we did some improv and i was actually forced out of my comfort zone with some of the members actually I’m going to give a shout out to Malachi because he actually pushed me out there and there was this one time Damon was doing you know this activity and he needed people volunteers and Malachi was like she’s gonna do it and then I looked at him I gave him like she’s like I was so mad but um I did it and um it went really well I just I’m just so happy I got out of my comfort zone is like I would have regretted not doing that you know so I have to thank I have to thank VIP and I have to thank my VIP members for it that’s awesome so what are you going to do with this newfound Blessing oh geez um well I took lots of notes that’s for sure um I’m definitely going to go back over them and kind of you know because I learned so much and you know not just self-defense but kind of you know like improv and I’ve done some improv training with Robert Galinsky and I just have to add this knowledge and I just have to keep applying my knowledge and um actually apply it you know when I go out for auditions and things like that I can use this to show the directors that I have range and I have training and I have this knowledge from you know all of this um these resources so yeah

That’s awesome Blessing so if there’s anyone out there who’s maybe on the fence with working with VIP Ignite what would you tell them okay well I’m just going to reiterate that I am a very shy person I was and am still a very very shy person but the thing is with VIP Ignite you not only have a family but you have people to actually push you forward and you meet that because you can have a dream you can have all the wants you want but if you don’t actually if you don’t have the resources the tools the people the connections that VIP you know people like VIP provide you then there’s nowhere to go you know you’re just kind of stuck in one place in this you know you just it’s just something you want just something you dream of so if you actually want to bring that into reality I would really recommend you choose VIP tonight so if you’re super shy you’re super outgoing you just want to get started in the entertainment industry this is what I want you to do go to vipignitesummit.com join us on one of our next boot camps and let the transformation begin so go to the vipignitesummit.com all right Blessing thank you so much awesome