Review by Atlas E.

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Atlas moved to the United States recently after studying acting abroad for several years.

He moved for more opportunities.

What he found when he got here were more obstacles to pursuing his career than he could have foreseen.

Then he saw an advertisement for VIP Ignite on social media.

After attending a live webinar, Atlas registered for his first Mastermind with VIP Ignite where he not only discovered opportunities that he was hoping for but also found a community of people with similar goals.

In addition to acting in film and theater, he now has his sights set on using being multilingual to help him crack into the Voice acting.


Let’s start by you telling me a little bit about yourself. Yeah. I’m a Atlas. I’m from Belgium. I’m 35 years old and I moved two years ago to the U S Excellent. What made you decide to work with Alicia and VIP ignite? What made me to work with Alicia is actually I kind of like the way Alisha approaches to the people.

And when I watched her webinar, I felt that I could work with Alicia and although she’s really tough. So I think I’m in good hands with her. Excellent. What has been the biggest obstacle that VIP ignite has helped you overcome? The biggest obstacle in the, for me helped me actually in VIP to try and work and don’t give up what you’re working on because I thought that I was just doing acting,

but I found out that I was also able to do voice acting also in my different languages that I speak. Awesome. Now, if someone were to ask, were on the fence about coming to a VIP, ignited them, what would you tell them? What would I tell to the people on the fence? I will tell them that they ha if they want to pursue their dreams,

I think they definitely should try VIP ignites and the CTA environment and be in this huge community and not judging themselves, but just being as they are.