Review by Aracelis

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Someone is feeling #blessed to be taught by the mentors at VIP Ignite! 😇😏 Day one has Aracelis excited to accomplish beyond her goals on acting, modeling, and singing. 🎤🎶 She is so ready for what lies ahead! 🤩


Day one on the virtual summit and I’m completely wowed of how amazing all these people are. And I’m so blessed to be taught by them and just them filling me up with all this knowledge. I am so excited to see an accomplish beyond my goals on, on acting and on modeling. I mean singing, I mean, I’m S so ready for what lies ahead. I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to be, it’s going to be powerful. I know it so excited. Thank you. This, this is way, way beyond, more than what I expected and I’m so fired up to get more.