Review by Andrea M.

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This is Andrea <inaudible>, so my recap of day two, Oh, bought a really, really great information today. I loved Michael Elan’s whole talk. Every point he made this like eight points, every point it was so like such a valuable information, especially like the part where he was talking about possibly changing your name. I mean, I love my name and everything,

but it really kind of irritates me every single time somebody says my name wrong because I literally have to correct them every single time, because it’s like, that’s not my name fully. Like somebody claiming Lisa, like that’s not my name. So it kinda irritating. It gets really tiresome very fast. So as much as I love my name and it has meaning and my dad picked it.

So I guess in the delivery room, he got out a gosh, what are those things called? You know, they have names and phone numbers in them. Oh, a phone book, phone book, right. Those are, who has those anymore. Right. And pulled out a phone book. Obviously he didn’t get very far on the phone book because he picked an a so yeah,

that’s my dad. That’s what he told me how he picked my name. So might change that haven’t really figured it out yet. So it definitely, you know, thought about that. And then also your brand, you change your name to your brand and having your own brand to market yourself appropriately. And then what Ryan said, Ryan Colby said a lot of really great things to me today about moving before,

moving to LA, trying to go down there and finding an agent first to kind of help set me up and then having like a little nest egg of money before you moved down there. It’s also good. So all the speakers have really great information, like every single one there’s way too many to go through, but those are some good points.