Review by Alexis M.

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Alexis’s main takeaway from the summit is that mindset is key! 🔑 Your thoughts influence what you become. Your actions influence what you become. Confidence is everything. 💪😁 Mindset is everything. 🧠


My takeoff was naturally, my name is Lexus Martinez, but my takeoff from the virtual summit was mindset is key. Mindset is everything. I love that because whatever you think is what you will become, what you surround yourself with is what you will be. What you connected to is what you will become. What you think is what you will become. Mindset is everything. Mindset is key. Remember that don’t never let a hate to take you out your zone, but that’s what my takeoff was. That’s what I loved about the virtual summit was what you think is what you will become. What you do is what you will become. But mindset is key. You got to remember that confidence is everything. Create all vision. Don’t let nobody else create trust for you. That’s what my takeoff was. I pretty much listened to that very carefully because I think that that’s everything, you know, learning how to take focus on yourself, being yourself, not trying to be nobody else. Personality is everything. But mindset is key. What you think most of the time throughout your day is what will happen if you think it believe it. That’s why I listened very carefully. When I heard the guy, Richard Stratton speaking, I was really pretty much listening to that and a lot of the other guests, because that’s quote, cause that is something that I take very seriously. Mindset is key mindset controls everything. And that’s, that’s what my takeoff was. See it. Think it, believe it. See it. Think it, believe it speaking into existence. That’s basically what my takeoff is. See it. Think it, believe it, speak it become it. Love ya. Peace.