Review by Paris Jones

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Paris had been modeling for a while, but things had slowed down for her.

She was looking for new opportunities when saw VIP Ignite on Facebook.

She wanted to expand into acting, so she and her mom decided to get on a free webinar to learn about what VIP Ignite could do to help her career.

Through working with VIP Ignite, Paris has learned what her place is in the entertainment industry.

She has learned how to pose properly in front of the camera, how to look, how to be age-appropriate and has started to move forward with her goal of acting.

Try to learn something new every day! Whether it’s directly related to your passion or not, it may be helpful in your overall success. 🤩


Starting with your name. Tell me about yourself. My name is Paris Jones. I am 16 years old. I love to run. I run track. I model a dance, swim ride my bike load around my bike. So, yeah. Right. Yeah. What made you decide to work with Alicia and the VIP next? Well, maybe work with Alicia and the VIP ignite team is I found them on Facebook and I’ve been modeling for a long time and the acting,

the modeling thing had it had died down. So now I’m just trying to branch out into acting and print and things like that. And I felt like this was a great opportunity and they were the right people to it. What has been the biggest obstacle? VIP ignite has helped you overcome The biggest obstacle that the IPA ignite has helped me overcome is getting to know myself and getting to know where I belong in my photo shoots.

Like, how am I supposed to look and what age I’m supposed to look and how to be age appropriate in front of the camera and things like that. What if someone were on the fence about coming to an event like this, what would you tell Somebody was on the fence to come into an event like this? I would tell them if they’re ready,

if they’re ready for the next level, and if they’re ready to experience what they really want to do, they should come join VIP at nine is a great connection and they will get to help you with everything you need to know. And it’s a great experience and they should come.