Review by Nikki M.

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Hi guys! Nikki here has four takeaways to share from VIP Ignite’s Summer Virtual Summit! ✨

1. Be your authentic self! You are wonderful and everyone is able to see that. You need to believe in your authenticity. 😁

2. Believe in yourself and be confident. There is good in the world and you can find it, you just need to believe in yourself so your confidence can guide you. 💪😤

3. Be organized, be kind, and put in the work to hone your craft. You need training if you want to succeed. At the very least, find a coach. If you are able to, attend school for it! ✍️📚

4. This is your passion. Allow that passion to fuel your dreams. Dream big, start small, and you will find yourself on the path to success! 🤩💭


Hey guys, this is Nikki. I just finished going to day one of the BIP night virtual summit. And wow. Was it awesome? I have some really great takeaways and not in any particular order. The first thing that’s really important though. Um, and I’m going to keep this as my number one, takeaway is be your authentic self.

You are wonderful, really, really wonderful. And everybody can see that. So believe in yourself because that leads into the second one, which is, is you need to believe in yourself and be positive. There is actual, real good out there, and you can find it. But remember, number three, be organized, be kind put in the work, need to get trained at the very least to coach, but if you can go to school for it.

And the last one, which I find is really, really important, this is your passion. So let it fuel your dreams. Dream big, start, small, get going, and I’ll see a day to bye guys.