Review by Jenna D.

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Jenna has some knowledge to pass on from day one of VIP Ignite’s Summer Virtual Summit: ✨

1. Anybody can write! Give it a try and see where it takes you. ✍️

2. Be passionate about what you’re doing, otherwise you may lose focus on your goals. ❤️‍🔥

3. Take your ego and throw it out the door! Everyone has the capacity to learn and improve. 😉

4. Stay focused and focus on your goal. If you lose sight, you may stray from your path. 😌

5. Be your true and authentic self, but also remain professional! There is a balance between authenticity and professionalism that will help you find success. 🌠


Hey guys, JD here, they went in the bag for VIP nights, virtual summit. I learned so much amazing information from so many amazing people. Chris Cummins told us to get out of our comfort zone. That’s where all the magic happens. Richard Stratton said anybody can write Patrick Quigley. Arno says, you know, be passionate about what you’re doing.

Be humble, take that ego and throw it out the door. Nobody wants that here. Antoinette Stratton said stay focused and stay the course. Focus on your goal. Alicia Powell said to be your true, authentic self. And that means so much to me. Pat is finally said to be professional always and to quote lion King scar the Bri.

Thank you so much, guys. All the whole entire team at VIP ignite, you guys were wonderful. Michael Dineen Alicia, uh, Ryan, Debbie, Cynthia, yesterday. You guys are amazing people and thank you so much for the opportunity. And I cannot wait for day two. Let’s get it started. You guys.