Review by Infinity W.

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Infinity’s experience with VIP Ignite is AMAZING. We have helped her become more fearless in pursuing her passions. 💪😤

As she chases her dreams in modeling, dancing, choreography, clothing design, and any other passions that come her way, we hope she remains fearless! 😌❤️


Hey guys, it’s infinity Watson. Um, I’m from Atlantic city, New Jersey. I’m 22, I’m five 10. And my experience with reappear ignite is amazing. I absolutely love VIP ignite so much truly it has made me become much more fearless and to what I’m striving for and what my passions are for like modeling, dancing, being a desk, choreographer, being a clothing designer, doing a whole lot that I want to do that I have a passion for is many, many, many things.

And I’m like, I am stack for it. Like I’m extremely happy and I’m so appreciative. Thank you so much, Alicia, can you back and Deneen white Brian Cooley. Jim, does he thank you so much all the way down the line for all the training, all the coaching costs.

Thank you for this. This is a great opportunity and this is not one to play with. Thank you guys so much That one.