Review by Fernando Diaz

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Fernando is so grateful to have heard from Richard Stratton. His advice on the Union and making your script good is not only priceless, but accessible through our virtual summits. ⌨️🖊️


I went, um, the, about the summit tonight or earlier today, it was great. It was beautiful. Um, all the great speakers were also that information that we all need and, you know, could use in the future. Um, Chris, Chris was great. Um, like, like that he was, you know, you know, you still get started by making speeches in front of a whole, whole big crowd.

Um, how it used to be, or is, is still a comedian. And now as an actor as well, and all the good stuff that he does in his career, that was a great hip frame sharing. That that was great. And, and, you know, thank for, for him, for being on here tonight.

Um, like what Richard said about being writer that’s, that’s more me, um, everything that I needed to hear from, from Richard, uh, was, uh, you know, being a union and make sure that my skip has got good as long as, you know, it’s a good script and, you know, some, something that I might be able to shoot for, um, the, the part one and part two of, of, you know, how they start to script, uh, the middle and the ending as well.

That’s pretty cool. Um, as well as Ms. Nate, Patrick, Patrick, with all the information on, on his university, God, I forgot, I forgot where he’s at, but he sounds like a great, great, uh, a great professor and his respectful a university. Um, just know what you’re doing and, and, you know, don’t give up what you’re doing and know what you’re doing, uh, as a, as an actor.

So how Paul, all the few tractors that we have out here, I’m going to pee with some, a lot of luck and hopefully, uh, uh, Patrick will help them out lead the way and, and succeed. Uh, miss, miss, miss Sarah. Her name is Stephanie with the, uh, managers, agents. Um, and you know, when, when, uh, using agent, when, you know, you’re will fire ever get famous, but, you know, I doubt it, but anyways, a man and a manager as well, you don’t know what career is all about.

And, and, you know, um, knowing when they need a manager and when not to get a manager and having that agent there, as well as when, you know, you have Tableau of your career, um, and, uh, Ms. Powers, Ms. Alicia powers, um, just sticking to your guns on, um, your, whatever your script is, knowing how to do it, or know how to read it and do it and do a great acting job.

And don’t be backing down and, you know, um, no, what, what w you know, the actor has to do specifically, and, and, you know, if you need to bring in a lawyer being a lawyer, um, hopefully that doesn’t happen and hope a lot of luck for all the guys out there. Good luck. And thanks.