Review by Falone H.

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Hey y’all, what’s up?! 👀

Falone has a lot to share with us from day one of our summer 2020 virtual summit! 💻

Mindset will help lead to success. With a positive vibe or a positive attitude, you will achieve your goal. 💭💪

There is power in intent when achieving goals! By planning or designing your dream step by step, you set your intention and find success. 📅💯



Hey, y’all what’s up. It’s Falone. So today I had a great day. Today was VIP ignite virtual summit. They want, so today I go in a lot and there was so many great speakers, um, so many, so many great stuff. So, um, for instance, first speaker was Chris summons. Um, so my biggest takeaway from him was that mindset, you know, you have to have that mindset, that positive vibe, that positive mindset, that great attitude, um, that’s going to help you with, um, where you want to go, you know, saying that, Oh, I can do this and I will do this.

I will reach my goal, my dream. So yeah, you have to have that mindset, you know, you gotta be positive and be a positive person. Um, second thing he said was the power of intent. I liked that because that means like there is power and intending to do something and planning something and designing something, you know, something you want something you, you, you can’t live about.

Um, without, you know, they re um, planning that, that dream to get there, you know, having that plan step by step to reach that goal. You know, I really liked that. And second speaker was, but just tracking. Um, so from him, I learned that there is different, there are steps for, um, for screen screenwriting, um, whether it be, um, a teleplay, which is a, um, uh, show script or a screenplay, which is movie script, uh, there’s like different steps you have to go through.

And also I learned about, um, a software program that helps with writing and formatting, like, cause it is like different format for each right. Each writing. Yeah. So that was cool. Third person was Patrick. Um, I really liked, I really liked that. The, the biggest thing I took from him was that, um, as an actor, you had to work with everything you got, like your imagination, your awareness, the more aware you was that, um, the circumstance, circumstances, the environment, you know, use all of that.

The experience as an actor when developed, developing, um, an app, um, the character, you know, use all of that. He said, um, work with action, not feelings which will lead to the outcome. Meaning what quid that, all of those, I just meant you mentioned, and then have like, as an, as a, as the outcome, um, the, like the feeling will be, as the outcome will be the, Mmm.

Fourth person was in 20 Stratton. I love her. She is so sweet and amazing. Um, biggest takeaways I got from her was that, um, was the difference between a manager and agent and an agent. So agents is the person that finds you the job books through the Gates and that’s it.

And the manager is the person that’s more hands on. That’s the person that’s, that’s like, by your side, step-by-step throughout your career. That’s the person that wants the best for you. You know, that’s the person that’s like in everything, you know? So yeah. And one more thing says, she said is be paced, be patients. Cause it won’t happen right away.

You gotta be patient and work on your craft, work, work, work, um, make it better, improve, improve it, you know, and then do your real. So, yeah. And the fifth person was, um, Leisha, joy Paolo from her. Um, biggest take away was that, Mmm, what is that to get, get a manager that’s also an entertainment lawyer, meaning, meaning that if you have like a contract with a company with the industry, uh, with the agency, um, that the man that manager had got, gotta know the contract, gotta read the contract, gotta know if it’s the best thing for you.

Um, they got to find that error, you know, or, you know, if it’s good for you to sign it or not in the last person, but not least it’s mad. Um, Mary Pat, uh, she has amazing. So from her is I got that. You need to be active, you know, you gotta work. You gotta be more, you got to do as much as you can, can, you know, to, to reach that goal. So yeah, I wanna say thank you to VIP night and everybody.