Review by Erika S.

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Our speakers are able to inspire people across disciplines. Regardless of her discipline, Erika S. felt a connection to all of our speakers and took so many notes! ✍️

She learned to not always focus on the story, but to shift focus to the visualization. This is a skill she uses as an actor, but hadn’t as a writer! 👀🖊️

The cross-discipline learning has Erika so motivated and inspired to keep working, even through these tough times. 💪😤


Hi, VIP family. Erica S show her talking today about my experiences with the very first day of the very first VIP virtual summit. And while we had so many great talks and speakers today, the two I took the most from really were Chris Cummins and RI Richard Stratton with Chris though. He’s not an actor. He does share a lot of the same fears and insecurities.

A lot of actors share a lot of performers and artists share. Am I good enough? Do I really want to do this? Can I, I do this. Should I have boy doing the things that we always ask ourselves? How can I get out of this? And I felt such a connection to the point where I took so many notes and I just, I couldn’t stop admiring the challenges he overcame to be where he is now, and to continue to move forward and do more like the fact that he wants to get into standup and that he continues to do, uh, his spirit professional speeches and things like that, and how even, you know, he’s been doing it for 15 years, he continues to grow and it’s something to admire.

And I admire that because I feel as whatever you do in your career, whether it’s acting, writing, motivational speaking, even being a doctor or more conventional in those ways, you never stop learning, but you also never stop having those spheres and anxieties, which I think is what makes us so human, which is fabulous, but it’s overcoming those anxieties and proving that we are better than our fears, that we are more than just our fears that makes us more than ordinary.

We are extraordinary. Chris Cummins was extraordinary and I cannot wait to connect with him more and learn more and be able to use what he has taught me in the books. He, he suggested to continue to grow and accomplish myself. Cause as he and I said, do or do not do, there is no try.

As for Richard as writer myself. I there’s just no way to describe the connection. I feel with him being a writer as well, but I learned how I need, I didn’t learn how to, I need to do this, but I learned that I need to start doing this, which is not always focusing on the story, but focusing more on the visual visualization when writing a novel, I find it’s so easy to, to see it, but my words don’t always come out the way I want to, but when I’m writing my screenplays, the words come out, but not the way that they should be, but not the way that you can see the scene that’s being planned in front of you.

I had to learn important. That is and how important that is and how important form and structure are depending on what you’re writing, but most of all, visualization so that all actors use in some form or another to learn how to use that now and put it into my writing today was very inspiring. And I cannot wait for tomorrow and to continue to learn from every speaker and to learn how I can continue to make myself more available and more present and more desirable.

Thank you, VIP ignite for today. Aye. So motivated and inspired to continue working even through these tough times.