Review by Desmond D.

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There might not be an actual Industry Wizard, but Desmond shares some knowledge on how to succeed without one! 🧙‍♂️

You MUST go outside your own comfort zone. People might try to hold you back, but it’s because they’ve never chased their dreams. They’re afraid of your potential success! 😨💯

Remember, it’s never too late to start. You lead from where you stand, no matter where you are in life. 😤😌


Excuse me. I joined these acting classes because we want to be famous. Are you an industry? Wizard? Do you have any talent? Barely. And in training? No. Have a seat. Let’s talk about your mindset. Okay. Explain it to me like this. And, well, I’m kind of trapped by fear and I’m afraid to leave my hometown because I feel safe there.

Staff, you must go outside your own comfort zone. People will try and convince you that you’re doing the wrong thing, but only because they are afraid they never chase their own dreams. Let me know when you live for that, you actually do it. So they’re afraid that I might actually be successful. Yes. Remember, it’s never too late. Never too late to start from where you stand and amazing offer.

Well, I have some written work. Do you want to actually read it? No too long. Not enough time read treatment and said, well, okay. I actually wrote my script in first person. Point of view was just to give it more of an interesting visual and not that novel produces my, see what you have written in their own eyes.

Well, you can write something like that. You must see that the eyes you must observe just distinct. Wow. Should I train anybody you can afford? That starts with the basics, voice movement, physicalization, emotional recalls. Cryptanalysis everything. Then we can be ready. Thanks for all the advice industry was there. And I really got this $275. You can say I have to pay you nothing.

And as the industry expert, I wish you luck.