Review by Daniel S.

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Daniel says “THANK YOU” to VIP Ignite for the wisdom and connections offered through our online summit. 🤩💻

VIP Ignite is here to be the bridge you need to make those difficult to find connections in the entertainment industry. 🌉🤝

We also have talented speakers and mentors with valuable wisdom to impart based on their experiences being veterans in the industry. 🧠💭


Thank you, VIP ignite for being that bridge to the connections I need to make and have connection with in the entertainment industry and just letting them know, bring him on to this virtual summit, which was amazing first day, just so I could hear the wisdom of the, the people that have been in this industry a lot longer than I have in know what they’re talking about, and they’re willing to share it with us.

Thank you all so much for starting this company and being able to do things like y’all have done today. Thank you all so much.