Review by Cyndel

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Cyndel has a few takeaways from VIP Ignite’s online summit: ✍️✍️

1. PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. The more positive energy you put into the universe, the more positive energy the universe puts into your life. 🌠👍🌠

2. Believe in yourself! If you don’t have the confidence in your craft, why would a producer or an executive? Make them feel confident by believing in yourself and your craft. 😎💯

3. If you make connections, keep them. Stay up to date. You never know when you might need them. 🤝


So today was absolutely amazing. I had the best time. Um, so what I loved about it was that we got to hear from so many successful and intelligent people in the industry. Um, so many people, so little time, you know, uh, we got to hear their insights from what they’ve experienced and also what they’ve seen in the industry, which was definitely, definitely a bonus. Um, all the questions that our other fearless rebels asked definitely helped me out as well, because you know, a lot of them were questions that I didn’t even think to ask.

So that was great. I got a lot of information. I took a lot of notes. I’m super excited for tomorrow to be able to get, to meet more of our fearless rebels and more awesome speakers that will be able to help us further our careers and better hone our craft. Um, my favorite takeaway from today, I have a couple, uh, my favorite one was PMA, positive mental attitude.

I have always been all about that because the more positive you put out in the universe, the more positiveness that will come back to you, um, and always believing in yourself, you know, if you don’t believe in yourself, then a casting director or a producer, you know, so on, will not believe in you.

Um, and also that if you make connections, like when you make connections, you need to keep them and you need to stay up to date with them as well, because you never know you will need them one day. Um, but I’m super excited for tomorrow. Can’t wait. I’m ready to see all your beautiful faces again. Um, yeah, so that’s it. I enjoyed it. I will continue to enjoy it and I love you all. Bye. Fearless rebels. See you tomorrow.