Review by Candace Barrow

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When our talent Candace B started working with us just over a year ago, she had been trying to get started as an actor and model, living in NYC, for 10 years.

She was taking acting classes, but she was struggling to meet someone who could help her start booking work.

She was struggling with her mindset, breaking out of old habits, trying to figure out what to do after she finally got her start, what tools she needed in her actor toolkit and how to be professional on set.

Working with VIP Ignite, she got many of things she needed. We gave her a posing guide to help her with modeling, she learned the etiquette of being on set, and gained confidence being in front of a camera. Not only that, she gained a network in a year that she had been trying to develop for years.

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hi my name is Deneen White and I am here with Candace Barrow she is one of our Inner Circle Platinum Members so Candace I have a question for you how long have you been trying to really get started in the entertainment industry well I’ve been trying to get started in this industry for about 10 years since I was in middle school actually oh my gosh okay so for 10 years you’ve been trying to do this what was the biggest obstacle that you faced doing this on your own I feel like part of it was my mindset like getting out of like old habits trying to figure out like how to start and like where to progress and like where to go after starting and just like finding out like what to have in that actor toolkit and that modeling toolkit like what to like how to be on set like those were the things that I was missing from myself okay well you’ve been working with vip ignite now for a little over a year we met you for this at the beginning of this year actually so how have we helped you overcome those obstacles well you gave me a lot of things to put inside two kids as far as like posing guys knowing how to be on set like the etiquette knowing just being able to do that right research being able to put myself in front of the camera feel completely confident and also just being able to maneuver and network in ways that I didn’t know at first and now I’m just like a little bit more confident

That’s awesome I’m work we’re so happy to have been able to play a part in that journey for you so here’s a question i have for you a lot of times I interview a lot of talent and they’re like oh I don’t know if I should do this what would you tell someone who’s maybe on the fence about working with VIP Ignite I would say if you want to do something about your position and you’re like okay I just don’t know where to start or if you’re just having those difficult like conversations with yourself you’re like okay I want to do this but I don’t know how you should just definitely do it because you get to have a whole bunch of tools get to get into training you get to learn and be with people that’s in the industry and really put your like best foot forward and become your best self awesome so I think if you had the chance you would do this again okay awesome definitely all right so if you’re watching this and you’re like oh my gosh how do I get started go to the vipignitesummit.com click on the link on our bio and definitely come check us out all right guys well Candace thank you so much it’s been amazing awesome all right you’re welcome all right bye guys bye