Review by Aniyah O.

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Here are a few takeaways Aniya got from VIP Ignite:

1. Seek different paths and perspectives. With Theatre on pause, Aniyah was able to view her career with a different perspective! 👁️👁️

2. Your agent / manager needs to be someone who believes in you. The support and encouragement from the person representing you is an important variable to success! 🥰🌠

3. When negotiating contracts and different career options, fight for who you are! 🌟🤗


Wow. We covered a lot today. I took in a lot and a few typical ways that I got from the first days meeting with VIP ignite. We had a few big speakers, but two of the speakers I’m gonna break it down to only two, just so I can save time. Cause I know you said that you wanted something quick. I’ll talk about pet and also who was another one that stood out to me intranet.

So a few things that pet talk to us about that I thought was very important for us to kind of draw in and kind of, you know, listen to was about theater. I’ve always had an interest in being in Broadway theater. And just to know that with everything going on, that that may cease for the time being, allow me to think of different routes that I would like to take.

And it just gave me another perspective to look at also Antoinette, she spoke a lot about a bunch of different things as far as like agents and managers. But one of the biggest things that she said that I felt was very important was that you get an agent, you get a manager that believes in you. A lot of times, we kind of just rush into getting different people,

to be a part of our team, without making sure that their encouragement, their support is behind us and support is something that is a very important variable in order for you to be successful. So anybody on your team needs to believe in your talent, believe in who you are. I believe in what you have to offer and fight for who you are when it comes to negotiating for different contracts and different plans that you have for your,

for your career. So those were the two takeaways that I have. I hope that I have a lot more information that I can apply to my career. Long-term thank you.